CCIS Scholarships

The deadline for CCIS Spring 2014 Scholarships is October 15, 2013.

The deadline for Summer 2014 is April 15, 2014.

The deadline for Fall 2014 will be announced at a later date.

Applicant Guidelines

  • The nomination and scholarship application is sent to CCIS by the CCIS Study Abroad
  • Advisor on the CCIS member campus.
  • Nominees must have demonstrated financial need to their local study abroad office. The scholarship must make the difference as to whether or not the student can study abroad.
  • Nominees must have demonstrated distinction or recognition in scholarship, leadership, or service to their campus or wider community (preferably all three).
  • Letter of Reference from the CCIS campus Study Abroad Advisor.
    ONE letter of reference is required to be submitted with the nomination form. 
  • Statement of Purpose from Student:  A statement of purpose from the student being nominated is required and should be submitted with the nomination.  It could be taken from the student's regular application to the program (if applicable), and should be 500 words or less.  The student should discuss the study abroad opportunity, his/her goals, and how the scholarship will further those goals.
  • If a student is awarded a CCIS scholarship, an essay of 50-100 words is required at the end of the term abroad.  It highlights the experience overseas.  The essay must be submitted within 30 days of return to the U.S.  The essay should include at least one picture. This essay   will be used for the CCIS website and the CCIS Facebook page. Failure on the part of the student to submit an essay will jeopardize the member institution's eligibility to nominate students in the future. Please send the essay and picture to